Best Tourist Attractions in Dubai

A superlative Emirati city, Dubai surpasses many urban destinations when it comes to revolutionary architectures and innovation in recreational experiences. Dubai is synonymous with paramount feats and lets its travellers come across some of world’s best and first achievements. Though the city is covered with soaring glitzy skyscrapers and outlandish entertainment spots, it seamlessly blends ... Read more


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Top 5 Adventure Mountaineering Destinations in India

Top 5 Adventure Mountaineering Destinations in India


Athletic with a well-built physique – is how most of my PT teachers would describe me and then go on to say – but lacks enthusiasm. Well, they are right but only partially… I lack enthusiasm for the standard sports – cricket, football, tennis, golf all give me nothing but boredom. I don’t get the ... Read more

Guanyinshan hike - Yinghan Peak trail 4

Guanyinshan hike – Yinghan Peak trail


Panoramic city views, lush forest, but a little difficult to get to.

Xianjiyan Nature Trail

· Xianjiyan Nature Trail


Good city views from this hike in Jingmei, Taipei.

Lilydale to Warburton Rail Trail

· Lilydale to Warburton Rail Trail


A photo tour - wineries and mountain scenery on the edge of Melbourne.

Qixing Mountain Hiking Trail 9

· Qixing Mountain Hiking Trail


The top of Yangmingshan offers great views and some exciting scenery.

Shopping in Taipei

, · Shopping in Taipei


Guide to Taipei's shopping districts, malls and markets.

Maokong Gondola 7

· Maokong Gondola


Sub-tropical forest and Taipei's own tea country accessible by Metro.

Xiao You Keng

, · Xiao You Keng


Visit for bubbling water and fumaroles on Yangmingshan mountain.

Tai Long Wan Hiking Trail

· Tai Long Wan Hiking Trail


Remote walk with some spectacular beaches and beautiful mountain and coastal scenery.

Ping Ding Old Canal Trail hike

, · Ping Ding Old Canal Trail hike


Canal side trail in the mountains of northern Taipei.

Wuliao Jian Hiking Trail

, · Wuliao Jian Hiking Trail


Action packed hike with ropes, cliffs and ridge top walks.

Xiaozi Shan Hiking Trail

, · Xiaozi Shan Hiking Trail


Ropes and ladders, steep stairs carved into rock, craggy peaks and stunning scenery.

Elephant Mountain - Taipei

, · Elephant Mountain – Taipei


The best close up views of Taipei 101 from any hike. Located right next to Xinyi District, Taipei.

Taipei’s Night Markets

, · Taipei’s Night Markets


A concise guide to Taipei's touristy and less famous night markets. Photos and directions on how to get there.

Zhinan Temple Trail hike 2

, · Zhinan Temple Trail hike


A touch of Japanese colonial era history and back by Maokong Gondola.